India’s first bio-CNG plant  inaugurated in Pirangut, Pune 

India’s first bio-CNG plant inauguratedCurrent Affairs: India’s first bio-CNG plant  inaugurated on 14th August, 2016, in Pune. Aim of this plant is to use agricultural residue to generate CNG which can be used in automobiles as fuel.
Facts regarding this bio-CNG plant
  • Plant is commissioned by  Primove Engineering Private Limited.
  • The plant located in Pirangut, Pune, has been set up as a Proof of Concept (PoC) which can be replicated elsewhere.
  • The company has invested around Rs 4.5 crore in the plant and has applied for a process patent for it. At least Rs 15 crore of investment is necessary for a 5-tonne standalone plant.
  • The process of generation of CNG from agricultural waste involves treating the waste with a special bacterial solution, after which the gas so generated is cleaned and compressed for use in vehicles.
  • Primove’s plant would be the first establishment to be issued a Form G which allows bio-CNG to be used in automobiles.
  • The company has already received inquires from the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab about the plant.
  • Talks are on with authorities of Akola, Chandigarh, Kolhapur and other cities for similar projects.

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