Know about Akodara village in Gujarat :  India’s first Digital Village

akodara-in-gujaratCurrent Affairs: The village, named Akodara became country’s first Digital Village located in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.

About   Akodara village

  •  The project of digital village has been started by the ICICI bank in collaboration with the district administration. This is a part of the programme Digital India launched by the Government of India, in which ICICI bank has adopted the Akodara village to make it a digital village. ICICI Chairman and Managing Director Chanda Kochar said that considering the fact that there are over 6 lakh villages in the country, the bank has taken the first step to convert one village to digital.

The concept of digital Akodara is based on three “Cs”: Cashless, Connected and Comprehensive.

  • Cashless: The bank has created a fully cashless eco-system in the village where the shops, mandi, co-operative society, milk producers in the village can opt for cashless transactions using cards. There are ATM booths if people need cash during emergency. The villagers don’t need to keep cash at home.
  • Connected: The bank has provided high speed broadband connectivity through the construction of a wi-fi tower. The villagers can also do transactions using mobile phones. Terminals have been installed to show the prices of agriculture produce. An website and a Facebook page of the village have also been created.
  • Comprehensive: The village has become comprehensive because digitized school curriculum is introduced, school management software and smart devices have been installed. There are audio-video content, digital boards in the aanganwadis. Also skill development programmes and training for girls where they learn office administration and vocational skills have also been initiated.

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