Bangladesh to honour 1,668 martyrs of the Indian Army

indian-troops-gettyCurrent Affairs: Bangladesh will honour 1,668 members of the Indian Army, who were martyred during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Their families will receive a Rs. 5 lakh purse as a mark of respect, said Liberation War Affairs Minister A.K.M. Mozammel Huq.
According to a report published in ” The Hindu” The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, will be in Delhi between 18-20 December to hand over the money, in Indian currency, to the martyrs’ family members.
A retired Lieutenant-Colonel, Kaji Sajjad Ali Zahir, has worked closely with the Indian Army to identify the soldiers who were killed during the war. The gesture was mentioned in the joint declaration during PM Modi’s visit to Dhaka in 2015.

About the 1971 War

  • The India-Pakistan war was ignited due to widespread genocide launched by West Pakistan army against the minority Hindu population and Bengalis living in East Pakistan, which led many to flee the country and take refuge in India.
  • Several Indian state governments including those of West Bengal, Bihar, Meghalaya and Tripura set up refugee camps along the border to provide safe shelter to the fleeing refugees.
  • After repeated failures in getting a response from the international community on the matter, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared India’s firm support towards Bangladesh’s independence struggle and decided to go on war against Pakistan.
  • Bangladesh was finally liberated on 16 December 1971.

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